Beit Hadassa & Hebron’s Visitor Center

The Hebron Visitors Center is located on the ground floor of the Hadassa Building in the heart of Hebron. The building was established in 1893 by the Jewish community of Hebron and was used as a medical clinic called “Chesed LeAvraham.”  Later it was run by the famous Hadassa organization and hence the name of the building. In the aftermath of the 1929 Arab massacre the building was abandoned. In 1979, the Jewish presence in Beit Hadassa was restarted and today it houses a museum that memorializes the long history of the Jewish community in Hebron. The Museum has five rooms, each of which is decorated by Hebron artist Shmuel Mushnik. A timeline runs through the whole museum detailing the history of Hebron throughout the ages, from the Biblical period, the two Temple periods, through the Middle Ages, the 1929 massacre, and finally, the renewal of the community today. Each room has its own short film, in Hebrew and English which is appropriate for all ages. The Visitor’s Center also has a cafe and an event hall that can hold 100 people.


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Opening Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-17:00
Friday: 09:00-13: 00

Admission:  NIS 30 for an adult / NIS 25 for a child/retiree
Special price for groups
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