The liberation of Hebron and the renewal of the Jewish community in Hebron

1967 – Liberation of Hebron. The Chief Rabbi of the IDF, Major General Shlomo Goren, hoists the Israeli flag on the Cave of the Patriarchs.

1968 – Rabbi Levinger establishes the nucleus of the “Hebron Settlers” nucleus
. Community, yeshiva and factories.
1969 – Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Alon is aware that the establishment of a Jewish city near Hebron will soon begin.

1971 – Immigration to Kiryat Arba.

1975 – The late Prof. Ben Zion Tabger begins to reveal the remains of the Avraham Avinu Synagogue. Ramat Mamra.

1980 – Murder of six Jews near Beit Hadassah. Government decision on the renewal of the Jewish settlement in Hebron. 

1981 – Inauguration of the renewed “Avraham Avinu” synagogue

1984 – Settlement in Tel Hebron – Land Yishai (Rumida).

1986 – Entry of families into the renovated Hadassah House.  The Israeli archaeologist Dr. Avi Ofer discovers an important document from the Canaanite Hebron site in excavations in Tel Hebron.

1989 – Inauguration of the new houses in the Jewish Quarter . 
1990 – Immigration to “Givat HaAvot”. 

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